★ Dieter Rams' Spider-Man ★

Dieter Rams' Spider-Man by Joe D!
Dieter Rams' Spider-Man, a photo by Joe D! on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Yet another submission for Project:Rooftop's Spider-man Redesign, so if you're keeping count, that's Golden-Age Spider-Man and Home-made Spider-Man, and Hipster Spider-Man.

The premise behind this concept is "What would it look like if Dieter Rams designed a Spider-Man costume?" , and while I'm not about to say that I can pull it off as well as ol' Dieter could, I could rip him off at least as well as Apple can. I gave him just two levels of detail, the red glossy hexagon pattern and the dark, dark, blue pattern. I would have gone for wood veneer and brushed aluminum, or black glass and white plastic, but Spidey would've been immobile. The eye elements have been replaced by a red visor helmet, though I kept a hint of the eye socket shape. I kept the original spider logo, since under this premise, I'm saying Paul Rand did it.

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