★ Sporty Spider-Man ★

Sporty Spider-Man by Joe D!
Sporty Spider-Man, a photo by Joe D! on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This design features a more down-to-earth look for the ol' Webhead. A light zip-up jacket and track pants are paired with lace-up gloves and boots. The laces work really well with the web motif and the padded webbing on the jacket and hood are strong enough visually that a spider logo isn't necessary. This makes for a light and quick Spider-Man with a parkour and free running influence, as well as drawing inspiration from cafe racer motorcycle jackets, the Bride's yellow jumpsuit from Kill Bill, '80s break dancer's, athletic sportswear, and classic super-hero design.

For the sake of disclosure, the laces were from an earlier design of a co-worker, Oren Schott's Spider-man, but he dropped them on his final version, so I picked them up. Check out his awesome ongoing webcomic here.

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