★ Is Anne Hathaway's Leaked Catwoman Mask Made Out of a Batman Mask? (UPDATED) ★

Ok, everybody, this might be crazy but the new leaked images seem to show Anne Hathaway wearing a cut-up Batman cowl as the Catwoman mask. Look at the image and decide for yourself. If this is right, that opens up new questions and maybe a few spoilers.

*UPDATE* 9.26.11
I actually don't think this is the case anymore. JMC from the SuperHeroHype forums demonstrates what we're most likely seeing here.

And based on other images that have leaked, I'm inclined to think this is pretty plausible. Sorry for the misinformation, Internet.


  1. Nope. The "ears" are a set of goggles that fold down over her eyes (see the official photo released at thedarkknightrises.com/selina_kyle.html). So it's not a single piece, and it's functional in a way that Batman's ears aren't. In addition, the official photo also shows that the edges of her mask are scalloped, but far from jagged.

  2. Batman's ears are functional. If you check Batman Begins, there are earphones in the cowl. /shrug

  3. this is a good start,
    I agree with anon#1 that they fold down like they were in the picture when she was on the bike, also the shape of the ears ears when up seems to suggest that they are not from batman's mask (the squared off nubs sticking up).... but I reckon it's further evidence that catwoman is somehow connected to wane industries or Lucius fox.
    Didn't Hathaway say something about how the mask/ears had some practical purpose like a listening device or something (would make sense for a cat).
    So she has a hi-tek ear/mask setup which looks like batman's but not exactly, and she has something resembling a batpod.
    I reckon catwoman is working with lucious fox in this movie while batman is away (or maybe she just stole all batmans shit #hedge)
    yours fondly
    the internet

  4. I've said this on multiple forums but..why has no one considered that she is a thief first?

    Bruce Wayne is the richest man in the world so wouldn't he be target #1 for Selina Kyle? Maybe she thought she was breaking into Bruce's secret vault room full of his valuables, but really she finds her way into the bat cave.

    (Then of course, steals all of his fun bat-toys.)